Bohning fletch title

Bohning fletch title

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Fletch-Tite Platinum®

Securely bonds vanes or feathers to any arrow shaft!


-Strongest solvent-based glue on the market!

—Flexible, water repellent & extremely durable


1) Properly clean arrow shaft.

2) Apply thin bead of glue along entire length of fletching base.

3) Press fletching onto shaft. Leave fletching pressed in place for 5 minutes.

4) Apply a small amount of glue to the tip and tail of each fletching to finish arrow.

5) Allow at least 48 hours to fully cure. Do not allow fletchings to make contact with anything until glue has cured.


- Fletch arrows & allow to cure in a controlled climate with low humidity.

- Use a substantial amount of glue. It is ok if the glue beads up slightly around the base when fletched, but too much is unnecessary (use discretion).