Imperial Whitetail Extreme

Imperial Whitetail Extreme

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• Includes the highly attractive and extremely drought tolerant Persist Forb and WINA forage chicory developed by Whitetail Institute specifically for deer.

• Includes annual clover and triticale to help with early browsing while perennial components develop.

• Extremely sweet, durable, versatile and highly attractive to deer.

• Can survive in soils with lower pH levels. Ideal pH is 6.0-6.5.

• Once established, can tolerate annual rainfall levels as low as 15 inches per year.

• Provides up to 44% antler-building protein.

• Coated with RainBondIM for enhanced seedling survivability.

• Lasts up to 3-5 years from a single plantins.

• Note: Neutral pH soils and hinder annual raintl can produce even better performance.