Imperial whitetail winter-greens

Imperial whitetail winter-greens

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For Best Results

WINTER-GREENS should be planted in medium to well-drained soils.

1. If possible, perform a laboratory soil test to determine exact lime and fertilizer requirements. If a soil test is not done, add 2 tons of lime per acre. Disk the lime thoroughly into the top few inches of soil. (If possible, add and incorporate lime well in advance of planting).

2. If new or weedy ground, consider disking or tilling again two weeks later.

If weed and grass competition is still heavy, consider spraying a glyphosate herbicide before planting.3. Just before planting, add fertilizer as recommended in your soil test report. If a soil test wasn't done, add 400 pounds of 17-17-17 or

equivalent fertilizer per acre. Lightly disk or harrow fertilizer into the

top few inches of the soil.

4. Smooth the seedbed with a heavy drag or cultipacker.

5. Broadcast seed at the rate shown on the front of the bag.

6. DO NOT COVER THE SEED. If you used a drag in Step 4, 5 nothing

further after you put out the seed. If you used a cuttipacker is 4, then cultipack again after seeding to help establish good seti


7. Optional: For best results, fertilize again 30 to 45 days after planting

with 100 pounds of 34-0-0 or equivalent high Nitrogen fertilizer per acre. APPLY FERTILIZER WHEN PLANTS ARE DRY!

To gauge grazing pressure, consider putting a small wire basket overa

portion of your planting so you can compare forage height.