Imperial whitetail Winter Peas +

Imperial whitetail Winter Peas +

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• 80% high-stigar, high-protein Winter Peas! Contains Whitetail InstituteS proprietary winter pea variety that hasproven more

attractive to deer than any other winter pea variety the Whitetail Institute has ever tested. • Also includes Whitetail Institute's exclusive

Oats, Kale and Forage Radish. - EXTREMELY cold tolerant Offers excellent early and late season tonnage and attraction INSTRUCTIONS:

Seedbed Preparation

1.Select a site with medium to well-drained soil, and that receives at least 3-4 hours of indirect sunlight per day.

2.For optimum results perform a laboratory soil test in advance of planting to determine lime and fertilizer requirements. If using Whitetail Institute's

5} using another lab, test for winter pea/brassica mix. Whitetal!

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