Robic Stopwatch

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  • The Most comfortable stopwatch Ever! soft rubberized push buttons and side grips make the 1000W a pleasure to hold and operate for anyone
  • Single event, lap or split timing
  • 1/100 second precision to 10 hours. Two finish time memory recall. Unlimited number of time readings can be taken
  • Countdown timer shows time remaining; counts up to completion. Audible alarm at completion of countdown. Countdown range 10 hours with 1/100 second
  • Splash resistant; extra large display. 
  • Water Resistant. Precise to 1/100 second up to 10 hours 46 inch Lanyard with adjustable keepr
  • Two Finish Time Memory Recall. Unlimited number of time readings can be taken.
  • Included components: stopwatch, instruction booklet